Social enterprise explained

Trading for people and profit

There are many ways of defining what a social enterprise is and what differentiates it from a standard business model.

An organisation may be regarded as a social enterprise if it applies commercial and business strategies that are focused upon delivering improvements in community and environmental well-being, rather than simply optimising profits for its shareholders.

A company may have stated social values but cannot claim to be a social enterprise if it is not a legally constituted or recognised.

Upturn is a company limited by guarantee, a recognised Social Enterprise and a registered member of Social Enterprise UK.

Social Enterprise UK offer the following definition:

“A social enterprise is a business that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment”
Source Social Enterprise UK, Social Enterprise Explained

We think this explanation of social enterprise sums it up for us, reflecting our ideas, approach and what we would like to achieve in the future using our Upturn resources and partnership strengths.

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[pullquote]Have you ever bought the Big Issue? Read it over a bar of Divine chocolate? Watched Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen on the television? Shopped at the Co-op? Visited the Eden Project? Then you already know a bit about social enterprise: a growing, worldwide movement of businesses that exist to change the world for the better. (Source Social Enterprise UK)[/pullquote]