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It is increasingly recognised that apprenticeships can make significant and lasting contribution to those businesses that employ them.

Sitting alongside traditional recruitment strategies and graduate gateway schemes apprenticeships can provide a manageable and cost-effective way of developing and retaining the talents and skills you need to maintain and grow your business.

Employing an apprentice allows you to free up higher value staff to focus upon the profit making areas of your business whilst helping a young person get their career underway.

You of course need to be sure that you can identify and recruit an apprentice best suited to your business, with the right talents, attitude and potential. You also want to be sure that they will be properly managed, supported and trained throughout the apprenticeship. They must also represent genuine value for the time and money that you will need to commit.

Upturn Apprenticeship programmes empower individuals ensuring that they are equipped with sufficient experience, qualifications, skills, personal attributes and abilities to meet all the requirements of the employer.

We are able to offer Apprenticeships in a range of public and private sector organisations, serving the following sectors: Housing, Professional Services, Health, Construction and Creative.

Every step of the way

Upturn has considerable experience in identifying, recruiting, managing and supporting apprentices. Working to your brief we can help you find the right person that has the talent and the ‘fit’ that you require to make things work. We can also help with training and provide support throughout the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship grant support

A £1500 government grant is available for businesses that employ an apprentice. The scheme allows a business to employ up to three apprentices. Two payments of £750 are made after 8 weeks and 12 months. To qualify a company must employ less than 250 staff and have not employed an apprentice in the past three years.

If you think an apprentice might fit your bill please give us a call we can advise you on granteligibility and tell you more about Upturn-Apprenticeships.

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