…delivering programmes that help people make the transition into education, employment or training…

At Upturn we believe your people are your biggest asset.

We have developed a comprehensive range of services that simply focus upon People – recruiting, training and managing – unlocking their potential to help yougrow your business.

Our services have been developed to help build the confidence, skills and employability of people living in deprived areas. They focus upon securing sustained employment that has a positive impact upon the local economy.

Our approach takes in two key drivers – the needs of local communities and those of the job market. We work hard to maintain our knowledge of the changing job market requirements. In doing so Upturn ensures that the services that it delivers are relevant to the needs of the individual and fulfil the current requirements of the local labour market.

In addition to structured Apprenticeship Programmes, administered in partnership with host organisations, Upturn also provides Management Development and Entrepreneurship programmes alongside its Learning and Work-based programmes.

Our programmes have been designed to develop opportunities that empower people in socially and economically excluded communities gain employment or become self-employed.