Our Code of Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

At Upturn we have thought long and hard about how we want to conduct our business and how we will work with colleagues and partners.

Upturn Enterprise Limited (UEL) is committed to provision of consistently excellent customer service. This applies to all people our business touches upon – clients, residents, tenants and other key stakeholders.

We recognise that the conduct of our employees and subcontractors is critical to customer service. All of our employees (and any subcontractors) therefore operate to this UEL Code of Professional Conduct and are expected to:

  • Act in a courteous, professional and responsive manner at all times
  • Ensure that all works carried out are to the highest standard and right first time
  • Work proactively – identifying and subsequently resolving related problems immediately wherever possible and, in doing so, generating high levels of customer satisfaction and value for money
  • Perform works within the timeframe agreed with UEL’s client
  • Build trusted relationships with clients, residents, tenants and other service users
  • Treat all they come across fairly, equitably and respectfully, in accordance with UEL’s legally compliant Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Observe UEL’s Health & Safety, Environmental and Sustainability Policies at all times
  • Wear a photo-ID card in an easily visible position when onsite or working at residential or tenancy properties
  • Maintain their uniform and any Personal Protective Equipment in a clean, tidy and fully operable condition
  • Exercise a duty of care in the operation of vans and other vehicles. These must be driven and parked in a safe, considerate and legally compliant manner
  • Take every care not to damage the property of others
  • When entering, working inside and leaving a property, treat it with the same care and attention they would their own
  • When conducting works inside a property, leave it in a clean, tidy condition – removing any waste materials promptly from site (for reuse/ recycling wherever possible).

Employees and subcontractors must not:

  1. Smoke whilst on duty
  2. Cause any form of nuisance to residents, tenants or service users – for example, music played inside a van must not be audible outside the van.