In a nutshell

As social entrepreneurs we seek innovative ways to unlock the potential of people, businesses and the communities that we serve by adding value and improving economic performance and social well-being.

We are not all thing to all men! But we believe in and understand the inter-connectivity of the community and its component parts – its People, Organisations and Businesses. We do not see demarcations or barriers between the Private, Public, Charitable and Third Sectors but fluid connections with potential to unlock.

We believe that the projects we deliver and the services we provide start and end with the communities we serve with measurable social and economic objectives and outputs.

We may start with an issue, or opportunity that the community wishes to resolve. It may be an individual seeking skills, employment, or entrepreneurial opportunity. It may be a business wanting to find the resources it needs to grow.

We strive to end with sustainable solutions that work for the community, the people that live there and the businesses that provide employment and income.

We are able to initiate and manage complex projects but are also content to play a small part if that’s what gets the job done, through partnerships and consortia.