Upturn Enterprise Limited

Our formal company name is Upturn Enterprise Limited, a social enterprise company limited by guarantee. Sometimes is shortened to ‘UEL’, but in our day-to-day communications and activities we trade and are known as ‘Upturn’.

Upturn seeks excellence in every aspect of its business.

This is reflected in our confirmed codes of conduct, policies and procedures:

  • UEL Anti-bribery Policy
  • UEL Business Continuity Plan
  • UEL Code of Professional Conduct
  • UEL Complaints Procedure
  • UEL Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • UEL Environmental Policy
  • UEL Environmental Management System
  • UEL Governance Process
  • UEL Health & Safety Statement
  • UEL Problem Escalation and Resolution Procedure
  • UEL Equality & Diversity Policy
  • UEL Health & Safety  – Workbook(Making It Safer)
  • UEL IT System Requirements
  • UEL Policy Control Document
  • UEL Quality Management System
  • UEL Quality Policy Statement
  • UEL Safeguarding Policy
  • UEL Service Delivery Model
  • UEL Sustainability Policy
  • UEL Procurement & Supply Chain Management Policy & Process

If you would like a copy of any of the above procedures, please contact us