Upturn Estate Services

We are very pleased to introduce Upturn Estate Services which is designed to deliver a range of amenities in neighbourhoods, estates both in public and commercial environments where and when it is needed.

It is focused and cost-effective service that we believe represents excellent value for organisations that need to care for and maintain neighbourhoods and properties.

It has been specifically designed to help:

  • Registered owners of properties and land who have to provide neighbourhood services that demonstrate genuine value for money
  • Other statutory and voluntary providers of support in an area who want to be more engaged with neighbourhood services
  • The customers of registered providers who want to be more engaged with the local community and the neighbourhood services
  • Comply with the Tenant Services Authority standards

Our services can include:

  • Landscaping and grass cutting
  • Cleaning of communal areas – inside and out
  • Minor internal and external repairs and maintenance
  • Void security and management
  • Removal of bulky rubbish to a safe collection point
  • Commercial cleaning

We can also:

  • Identify repairs needed to communal and external areas reporting back as required.
  • Undertake health & safety checks of specified areas, including lifts and bin areas.

Weekly inspections are undertaken by a supervisor and we can undertake detailed inspections as specified by you. We seek to achieve a customer satisfaction target of 95%.

These services can be delivered as an out-sourced solution or by working alongside your existing teams. Whichever option is preferred. You are assured that you will be making best use of budgets and you will be able to demonstrate value for money. You will also be helping to employ and train people living in the communities you serve.