Extending the Hub

Housing Associations occupy a unique position in the neighbourhoods in which they provide housing and related services. They are firmly embedded in the communities in which they interface daily; a vital and well-connected resource.

The communities they serve may vary widely from relatively prosperous and contented areas through to those that are significantly disadvantaged and stressed. Indicators of well-being may be measured in a number of ways:

  • Care and pride in the physical environment
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing of people
  • Levels of worklessness and educational attainment
  • Sense of place and neighbourly connections
  • Voids and Vacancies

It may also be reflected in the human and financial resources that have been committed over time by statutory, voluntary and charitable organisations. Or moribund projects and premises, well-intentioned, that have simply failed to stand the test of time. It can also be heard in the street, the playground and the shopping precinct “…something should be done about that…” “I have this idea…”

At upturn we believe that with the right commitments and connections – the catalysts for change – something can be done.

Pooling resources and ideas, harnessing enthusiasm and passion into winning partner combinations can have devastatingly good – and lasting effects. Upturn working with strategic partners and funders, well connected deliverers, providers and referrers can help you set in place projects that have energy, purpose and longevity.

Complex projects that can tackle inter-related issues, worklessness and self-esteem, environmental improvements and waste, under-utilised and misdirected resources, job generation and the neighbourhood economy.

We can help you build in partnership locally focused, social enterprise enabled schemes of change.

If you are a housing association wanting to extend its reach through social enterprise please call us, we would be delighted to hear from you.