Our Team

...expertise to hand…

Upturn is a non-profit social enterprise, providing business services, training solutions and capacity building to social organisations, businesses and communities.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative services and our new approaches to working with people, businesses and in communities. We bring to our clients a wide and diverse blend of skills, experience and integrity gained from owner/managing businesses, working at senior levels in charities, non-profits, public sector and the commercial world (FTSE 100 Blue Chip companies and SME’s). It is a unique mix of knowledge, skills and experience but together we produce some remarkable results for our clients and the communities we work in.

Our approach is all about results that empower organisations and individuals to succeed, develop and become more sustainable. Ultimately, organisations will have the skills, capacity and support to effectively identify and engage with their targets groups and individuals supported to unlock their potential.

It is through this mix of social values and professional acumen that we are able to produce some remarkable results for the organisations and communities we work with.

With skills in, Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing and Bidding procedures the Upturn Team can help win, manage and deliver projects.

We can help you with:

  • Planning how to grow
  • Bid formulation
  • Working as part of a consortium
  • Time and cost sensitive projects
  • On-going outsourced support
  • One-to-one and Group activity
  • Strategy and Plan delivery
  • Formulation of your Policies and Procedures

We are very proud of our team who are dedicated to upholding and maintaining the highest levels of professional knowledge and standards. Our team includes: Fellow members and Chartered status to a range of professional bodies.