About us

Upturn is a recognised non-profit Social Enterprise Limited by guarantee committed to assist individuals, public, private and third sector organisations and businesses unlock and fulfil their potential.

We do this by delivering sustainable solutions that have a positive and long lasting impact upon the wider community.

We have a vibrant community ethic generated by our multi-disciplinary team, drawn from both the public and private sectors, with extensive hands-on knowledge and experience of People, Enterprise, Training, Community and Business.

Each of our service areas is directed by qualified staff which means we can rapidly pinpoint the issues to be addressed, devise the best solution, and bring to bear our strengths and connections as a social enterprise.

This unorthodox approach, that we believe is unique, has resulted in a way of working that transcends sectors, questions traditional business norms and working practices and has enabled us to produce some extraordinary results.

We can help:

Unlock and shape an idea

this may be a new product or service, or something that you believe can help solve a problem in your community

Facilitate start ups

You may want to start your own business or set up a Social Enterprise. We can advise you on what is the best way to do this, how to put together your business plan, find the resources you need for your business, and identify the things you will need to do to make sure you are compliant.

Support Fledgling Businesses and Enterprises

We can also be on hand to help you steer your way through those critical early months as your business or project gets underway.

Identify and remove obstacles to growth

You may already be established but need to develop and grow your Business or Enterprise. We can help you identify what hinders your growth, resolve resourcing issues and help build the required capacity and skills to move things on to the next stage.

Improve employability

We can provide innovative services that build confidence and enhance the skills and employability of people, helping them secure sustained employment and have a positive impact on the local economy.


We work with employers assisting in recruiting, developing and retaining an appropriately skilled, experienced and diverse workforce. This may be achieved through a combination of, structured apprenticeship schemes, bespoke management development and entrepreneurship programmes and work-based learning and skills initiatives.

Identify partnershipsand best funding combinations

We believe that by working together through innovative partnerships and cooperation, better projects can be devised, funded and delivered. We have experience of achieving successful partnership combinations with private and third sector businesses and organisations, the public sector and community groups.

Build better communities

At the heart of Upturn is the firm belief that the projects we help devise, develop and deliver are sustainable and help to transform the communities that we serve.